SURPASS Scale Crawler540-PLUS motor 16T 5-Slot



  • £18.00
  • Save £35

Surpass have introduce their all-new Rocket 540 Plus 4-pole brushed crawler motor.
The power plant features a 5-slot 775-sized rotor for improved low-speed linearity
and increased low-speed torque and it makes use of high-strength and high-temperature resistant neodymium iron boron magnets.
Built-in capacitor boards prevent interferences and a thick rotor wire and imported high-quality brushes keep the internal resistance as low as possible.

The newest type of 4 pole high guass strength magnet
High current with low resistant brushes
24k gold plated solder tabs
Large precision balanced 5 slot skew rotor, tremendous torque
CNC machined hard iron housing
0.35mm laminties on the armature
surface mount capacitors for effective interfernce prevention
Specifically designed for RC Crawler for precision Control

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