RudMac is a trade name of Rudd Macnamara Ltd., a specialist print manufacturer with over 130 years of rich history in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Early in 2021 the current owner, now Chairman, passed on his day-to-day duties and secured a new Managing Director to take the business forward and explore new opportunities, one of which was to produce our own products. Here is where RudMac was born. A passion for RC cars spanning over 30 years and previous RC accessory manufacture and RC Journalism was a natural step forward for the current MD. We have the capabilities to vacuum form, print in large format, etch, laser, router and anodise print on one of only 3 printers of its kind in the UK. There is a lot to come from RudMac from officially licensed bodyshells and decals to chassis designs and accessories to cater for all tastes.