Hobbytech CRX18 Flat Cage 4wd SILVER



  • £140.00

The new version of the Flat Cage CRX18 takes on the characteristics of the CRX18. It differs in that it has a rear platform equipped with a roll bar and a spare wheel. Other realistic accessories also complete this model. The cage version is slightly shorter and the rear platform allows for a greater attack angle. The CRX18 flat cage is available in sand and silver colours.

The CRX 18 is a 1/18th scale reproduction of the CRX: the iconic model of our brand.

The mini is designed as a 1/10th scale: metal beam chassis, central transmission box (positioned slightly forward) with a low position motor and 2 bridges that are each connected to the chassis by 4 links.

The 3-wire steering micro servo has a standard connector. To lower the center of gravity to the maximum, it is located on the front bridge (AMS mounting). The motor is powered by a 55T carbon micro motor.

In terms of electronics, the CRX18 is equipped with an all-in-one module (receiver – ESC) that has 9 sockets for connecting a complete ignition system with turn signals and brake lights. By default, the CRX is equipped with 2 LED headlights that can be controlled via the remote control. Finally, the battery is a 2S 600 mAh that allows for several hours of driving.

In terms of aesthetics, the CRX18 is a faithful reproduction of its big brother. The bridges have the same design as those equipped on the CRX2. The bodywork has the same grille and the same accessories (jerrycan, snorkel, wipers and mirrors). Finally, the tires are an exact reproduction of the Climbers. A nice little detail: the footrests are equipped with a slot in which the bottom of the bodywork fits to avoid damaging it on obstacles.

Many options will be available to improve the performance or look of the CRX18: ball bearings, hydraulic dampers…

The CRX18 can be driven indoors or outdoors. Small spaces as well as larger ones suit it perfectly. Its crossing capabilities are impressive. On rocks: its lightness, its balance and the efficiency of its tires allow it to overcome incredible obstacles. The radio allows you to adjust the end stops (throttle and steering). The throttle adjustment allows you to refine your driving and adjust the speed of the CRX18 depending on the terrain and obstacles.


Wheelbase: 153.7mm
Total length: 241.50mm
Width: 123.8mm
Height: 120.60mm
Ground clearance at the gearbox: 39.70 mm
Ground clearance at axles: 17.1mm
Forward angle of attack: 59°
Aft angle of attack 76.9°

Contents of the box :
• CRX18
• Transmitter
• 600 mAh 2S battery
• USB charger

Not included :
• 4 LR6 (AA) type batteries
• Various modeling tools

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