CARISMA 81168 SCA-1E 1981, 4-Door Range Rover Deluxe Kit (inc Alloy wheels)



  • £270.00

Carisma SCA-1E 1981, 4-door range rover deluxe kit (inc alloy wheels)

Item: 81168 a 1/10th scale 1981, 4-Door Range Rover Deluxe Kit
Barcode: 4892793811682

LIMITED EDITION with CNC Aluminium Range Rover 3 Spokes Wheels

Introducing The Most Beautiful Vehicle In the World !

Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce our latest Fully Licensed SCA-1E Self-build Kit release, Item No: 81168 a 1/10th 1981, 4-Door Range Rover Classic Deluxe Kit. Carisma have worked closely with the Land Rover Classic Works to faithfully reproduce the fully licensed body, offering photorealistic looks, LED-Ready light buckets and Injection Moulded Grille Detail, Windscreen Wipers, Wing Mirrors and Scale Bumpers for the ultimate in scale realism and now comes with our scale version of the iconic Range Rover 3 Spokes CNC Alum Wheels.

After the success of the RTR, it was a natural progression for us to provide this iconic British vehicle as a self-build kit. It comes complete with all our latest Gen 2 SCA1E Hop Ups as standard. Including Alloy Threaded Bodied Shocks, Stiffer, Multi-position Shock Mounts. Combined Chassis Mounted Servo and Battery Mount. 1.9 CNC Range Rover 3 Spokes True Beadlock Wheels and the new 95mm ATSS 'True Scale' Tyres. This kit offers anyone wanting to create their own Scale Rig, all the tools to do so, with scope for more creativity in the future. Other Standard Issue Parts Are: Heavy-duty Locked Axles, Steel CVD driveshafts and UJ Prop shafts, Optional Winch-Ready front and rear chassis mounted bumpers, and optimised weight bias for the ability to instantly switch from trail running to crawling.

The rig not only looks completely scale, it also offers scope for the future. It will allow for a full interior to be fabricated and fitted, LED's added, alongside additional details like a winch, a Roof Rack or even Alloy Wheels and different tyres. Think of the kit as a blank sheet of paper, be as subtle or detailed as you feel in the quest for the ultimate scale build.

Available through all the usual channels, the 1981 Range Rover Deluxe Kit offers Scale Adventurists the chance to build their own a piece of automotive history. Personalise their adventure and add as little or as much additional Scale Details as they wish. The fully Licensed body has all the additional injection moulded details you expect from Carisma, adding another layer of realism to the already remarkably accurate shell. Original design data from JLR was utilised in its realisation.


Fully Licensed Classic 1981 4-Door Range Rover Body
1.9 CNC Range Rover 3 Spokes wheels
95mm ATSS True Scale Tyres
LED Ready with Light Buckets and Lens Decals
C-Section Steel Ladder Chassis & Cross Braces
Combined CMS and Forward Battery Mount
Stiffer Gen 2 Multi-position Shock Towers
285mm Standard SCA-1E Wheelbase
Precision Alloy Oil Filled Shocks


Weight: Approx. Approx: 2200g (Fully Built)
Wheelbase: 285mm (adjustable)
Height: 220mm (adjustable)
Length: 480mm
Width: 230mm

"Grab a piece of true automotive history and let it be the catalyst for many future hours of outdoor fun, model making and Scale Adventure..."

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