CARISMA 81068 SCA-1E 86 Subaru BRAT RTR 1/10th Scale 313mm WB



  • £247.50

Carisma 81068 SCA-1E 86 Subaru BRAT 1/10th 313mm WB RTR Scale Rig

Barcode: 4892793810685

THIS IS OUR 1st 313MM Wheel Base Vehicle and NO BATTERY EDITION

Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce their latest RTR Release, a 313mm Wheelbase SCA-1E version of the iconic 1986 Subaru Brat, or 'Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter' to give it its full title! Its engrained in both automotive and Radio Control history with its immediately recognisable flowing lines and ahead of its time styling.

The original vehicle was designed in Japan as an Export Only vehicle, and was sold in most major territories under different guises. It soon had a global following, with even President Ronald Reagan owning one on his ranch late into the 90's. Interestingly it also became a cult gray import vehicle back in Japan itself. The nostalgic design still inspires Off Road RC fans off all ages, but until now it was only available in RC circles as a 2WD self-build kit. But times have changed...

Carisma Scale Adventure now offers you the chance to own this iconic 80's pickup. Based on a 313mm Wheelbase 4WD SCA-1E RTR Rig the officially Licensed body was faithfully reproduced working directly with Subaru themselves. When combined with the durability and performance of the exciting SCA-1E bloodline and Gen 2 Hop Ups, you have a rig that just at home bashing and trail running as it is rock crawling. Keep it box fresh for that classic 80s look, or add additional detailing like a working Winch, Scale Accessories and LED lighting to take things up a notch.

Stock its the perfect Trail Runner, yet still capable of milder forms of Rock Crawling. BY weighting the front wheels and adding any of our own range of performance accessories, like Brass Hexes or Diff Covers, you can then hit the rocks and attempt difficult lines and obstacles. We didn't compromise of the spec or detail, so you shouldn't have to compromise where and when you can run it. Your decide its destiny, and in turn it becomes the start of your own Scale Adventures, or the perfect rig to introduce a new generation of your own family to the joy of RC as a hobby.
Specs Include:

• Fully Licensed Photorealistic 86 Subaru Brat body
• 35t Crawler Brushed Motor for the perfect balance between Speed & Torque
• 313mm wheelbase Steel C-Section Ladder chassis, With Gen 2 Shock Towers
• Forward Weight Bias battery mount position to enhance crawling capability
• Own Brand ARC-1 ESC, with Improved throttle finesse & Voltage Protection
• Chassis Mounted Steering Servo position offering additional Scale Realism
• Steel UJ Equipped Driveline for robust Power Transfer to Axles & Wheels
• Symmetrical 1.9 True Beadlock Carisma Scale Adventure wheels
• Soft compound 110mm ATAT (All Terrain Adventure Tyres)
• Adjustable Slipper Clutch Protected transmission
• Full FHSS 2.4GHz Radio Gear

*NOTE: This is a 'NO BATTERY' model, so 4 x AA battery for radio and a suitable 7.2V NiMH or 7.4V 2S LiPo main pack & the correct charger will be required to complete.

Our Ever Expanding Range, With Something For Everyone

Add the 86 Subaru BRAT to your product portfolio, it's the perfect combination of nostalgic icon, aspirational vehicle and performance Scale Adventure Rig. By making it a NO BATTERY model, its price is more competitive, and its easier to ship, for all concerned.

Thank you for your continued support of the brand and continuation of the companies Scale Adventure. We wish you every success with this product, and cant wait to reveal more in the near future.

"Automotive Icons should be cherished, and in turn inspire a new generation..."
Ivan Carisma


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