CARISMA 78068 Prairie Wolf RTR (324mm WB)



  • £325.00


CARISMA 78068 - SCA-1E PRAIRIE WOLF 2.1 Spec 1/10th 4WD RTR (324WB)

Get Ready For A New Approach To Overland Scale Adventures

The call of the wild. The need to explore and to discover new locations, to respect and being at one with nature, leads more and more people to go 'Off Grid' and escape the urban 9-5 lifestyle. Carisma Scale Adventure now offers RC fans with a thirst for this, the opportunity to do so in 1/10th scale, and ready for anything the journey may throw at them.

Our new 'Prairie Wolf' LWB Adventure Van exudes 'Off Road Adventure'. With scale details like a LED-Ready Grille, Robust Wing Mirrors and a Rear Panel Roof Access Ladder, the body looks the part straight from the box, but still has has enough scope for additional detailing. Add a Roof Rack, Luggage, Spare Wheels & Tyres, Spotlights, a Full Interior, just like every other CSA release so far, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Vacuum Formed in a thicker than standard Lexan for additional rigidity, the body comes pre-painted and adorned with a retro Off Road inspired livery. The body aside, the 324mm Wheelbase rig is fully 2.1 Spec and including our CMS Mount, offering a Forward Weight Bias that combined with the new ATT Transmission and 95mm AT-SS Soft Compound Tyres aids Rock Crawling. We also addressed the issue of Torque Twist with our new ATT (Anti Torque Twist Transmission), neutralising Torque Twist and keeping the wheels firmly planted (and generating grip).

The trusty Carisma CTX-8000 2.4GHz radio system is supplied with the RTR rig. Featuring Steering Rate adjustment, Steering and Throttle Trims, Channel Reversing, End Point Adjustment and F.H.S.S (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) Technology for glitch free use. We also include a 1400mah NiMH battery and safe 5V USB Charger to get you started on your adventure, although the ARC-1 ESC is also LiPO friendly offering owners a clear future upgrade path. We have also lowered the gear ratio in the transmission to 5.92:1 giving a smoother low RPM range and greater finesse and control. To compliment this we have introduced a new Sealed Can 17T 5 Pole Motor, with the greater magnetic force over a 3-pole motor, thus offering a balance between RPM, Torque and enhanced Throttle Finesse. Being a sealed can, the motor will be more weather resistant and require minimal maintenance between runs, a must for all Scale Adventurists.

With so much interest in the Prairie Wolf body on social media, the full RTR will sell fast and be the start of many new Scale Adventures globally. Available to order now from the usual channels, order promptly to ensure you get your allocation from the first production run.

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