Carisma 16115 ARC-2 Speed controller with program card



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Item: 16115 ARC-2 Brushed ESC & MPG-1 Programming Card
(With CSA Crawler Mode & Dedicated Descent Control)

What are the main factors drivers crave when buying a new Brushed ESC, especially for use in rock crawling or scale rigs? Is it ease of programming? Or truly usable parameters? Or a built in voltage, motor stall or thermal protection? Well, we just met all those criteria head on, and added a few more of our own!.

Suitable for both On and Off Road use, the new easy to set up and program ARC-2 is just at home bashing in a fun RTR, as it is running Trails and Rock Crawling or fighting for pole position in a Stock Racing class at the local RC Club. It's the perfect upgrade to the stock units many RC Vehicles ship with, or as an affordable and versatile Brushed ESC in a custom build. The included MPG-1 Programming card makes fast mode and parameter changes possible while out on the trails or track side.

ARC-2's Unique Features

Dedicated Descent Control: (ESC Mode 4)
Descent Control mimics the electronic systems fitted to most modern 4x4's. It balances braking force against the RPM of the throttle allowing the vehicle to make a controlled descent down even the steepest of inclines using minimal throttle and the rigs own weight. You could call it 'Gravity Assist' as the rig slowly descends under full control.

In use, the Descent Control Force lessens in parity as throttle is increased, and increases in parity as it is reduced. When ascending up an incline this feature is also especially useful. At zero throttle the ARC-1 holds the rig in position at full brake acting like a hand brake. This then allows the driver time to plan their next move and pick the perfect line. As the throttle increases and the rig climbs, the brake effect lessens.

NOTE: In Crawler Mode, Descent Control is active as standard. But the ESC still has instant reverse, an important feature in Rock Crawling to help stop a rig toppling backwards on its axis on a very steep climb using a blip of reverse.

Smart Brake: (ESC Modes 1 and 3)
For non Crawler applications, when the vehicle goes from Forward to Reverse or Reverse to Forward quickly, the ESC will go into brake mode first, instead of reversing the motor immediately. This is to protect the drive line in certain vehicles from undue shocks and stress.

NOTE: The ESC will remain in brake mode unless the throttle is returned to the NEUTRAL position for a short moment. Smart brake is only activated in Forward/Reverse mode and Beginner mode. It is not active in Crawler Mode.

To simplify setup there is a QR Code sticker on the ESC, This will allow any smartphone or tablet (with camera) owner to use a QR Code Scanner application to first scan the QR Code, and then be transported to the products official page on our website. All the latest info, Programming Charts and Manuals can then be viewed or downloaded for use.

Main Product Spec:

• CNC Alum with matt black anodised casing for maximum heat dissipation
• Switch Mode BEC: Output voltage: 6V/7.4V (Programmable), Max Output Current: 3A
• Waterproof & Dust-proof, suitable for all weather running in On or Off Road vehicles
• Battery Compatibility: 2 or 3S LiPo (7.4v -11.1v) or 5-9 cell NiMH (7.2v - 10.8v)
• 21 Fully Programmable Parameter items, Easy Setup using LED Program Card
• On power Descent Brake for Precision Motion Control & Downhill Finesse
• Adjustable PWM Frequency: 1K/2K/4K/8K/16K/32K
• Low Voltage Cut-Off (LVC) protection for LiPo Cells
• Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) for On Road Cars
• Over-heating/Thermal Protection
• Fully Programmable Drag Brake
• Throttle signal loss protection
• Low RPM/ Stall Protection
• Over Voltage Protection

Technical Info:

Physical Spec
Size: 41mm (L) x 33mm (W) x 22mm (H), Motor connector: 4mm Bullet for Brushed motor, Battery connector: XT-60

Electrical Spec (Forward)
Max instantaneous Current: 750A, Max continuous Current: 60A, Resistance: 0.001 ohm /phase

Electrical Spec (Reverse)
Max instantaneous Current: 500A, Max continuous Current: 40A, Resistance: 0.0015 ohm /phase

PWM frequency (Programmable): 1KHz, 2KHz,4KHz, 8KHz, 16KHz or 32KHz.

“The new affordable ARC-2 ESC was field tested under the harshest of conditions. It proved itself both reliable & versatile in use...”

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