AGF-RC SPV3 Program card for prog servo



  • £16.00

AGF-RC SPV3 Program card for prog servo


  • Item Name:AGF-SPV3
  • Weight:7.4g
  • Voltage:USB (5V/500mA)
  • Application:Suitable for AGFRC Servo with "ASS" Icon Marked

AGFrc AGF-SPV3 USB program card used for AGFrc servo with ASS icon mark. Easy to use and DIY the parameter of the AGFrc servo. AGF-SP V3 is an upgraded version of the AGF-SP V2, it can use for our 1/5 large scale servo A280BHMW /A280BVSW, 4S high voltage servo A86BUMW , as well as helicopter servo A80BHM-H /A80BHN-H /A80BHX-H /A80BHP-H. What's more, all of our programmable servo with ASS icon mark, can click the "Narrow Band" function to be used as the Tail Servo.

NOTE: This program card only ideal for AGFRC servo with ASS icon mark! AGFRC servo without ASS icon mark, and other brands of servo are not applicable.

System Requirement

1. Operating Voltage: USB(5V/500mA).

2. Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 /windows10 ( 32/64bit).

3. Application: AGFrc Programmable Servos with ASS icon marked.

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