Carisma 87768 MSA-1MT F-Truck



  • £121.00

We've been busy developing and testing a modified MSA-1E platform to create our epic new Micro Monster trucks...

Initially released in two variants: - Model 85968, the MSA-1MT 'Coyote Pup', and Model 87768 the aptly named MSA-1MT 'F-Truck'.

Each 2.0 Spec vehicle has been equipped with a new, faster MT Spec Carisma Motor, offering double the power of our existing power plant with both Wheel speed and Torque. We've also redesigned the ESC software to offer a more traditional, bashing orientated; Forward, Reverse and Brake profile. But that's not all, we've also changed the gearing to work in harmony with the MT Spec Electrics to create what we feel is the ultimate in 1/24th Micro Monster Truck.

NOTE: Full spares support will be offered upon release, and all existing MSA-1E Option Parts and Performance Hop Up's are a direct fit.

RTR - Battery, charger and transmitter dry batteries included.

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